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What We Do





What do we offer:

Hit offers private (create-your-own custom) camps, weekend camps, tumbling camps, , camps for individuals and year-round clinics we focused on safety while at the same time bringing out the best in you or your team. Through a fine-tuned curriculum and innovative, original material Hit Camps delivers a camp experience that is both fun and packed with all the goods to bring out the best in you or your team.

If you are looking for choreography, we offer choreography that is truly designed to highlight your team’s strengths. We truly care about what your team puts on the floor.

If you have questions or would like more information on our services, please feel free to email us at

Business model and our plans to achieve our goals

Hit Camps EU will serve clubs and children in all of Europe. I will help them to become more disciplined and focused, and improve their overall skills in the sport of Cheerleading. Hit Camps is a private company whose main focus is on Cheerleading; however, various types of tumbling and total body conditioning are also taught.

We start teaching each client the core elements of Cheerleading, followed by understanding and developing more difficult tricks and skills. Creativity in teaching methods will set me apart from our competitors, using both repetition and variation. We believe that an athlete must have fun and truly enjoy what he or she is doing to learn successfully. I will help coaches to be trained in more unique methods of teaching that produce the same, if not better, physical effect on their athletes, by providing a better mental effect.


The camps are always open for parent observation, but they will be asked to stay in a confined area as a safety precaution.

We have been involved in competitive Cheerleading for many years. We understand the way that private and public clubs are run since we have worked, both in volunteer and private gyms around Europe the last 20 years.

With our Coaching experience of over 20 years, we understand what our customers want and need. one of my biggest values is understanding the European Cheerleading market, this will set me apart from other coaches traveling abroad

We understand that sometimes you have to throw the book out the window and do what works best to accomplish your set goal while teaching. We have found that there is definitely a market for Coaching in Europe, and clients are often volunteer-based, so if they can cut travel costs because of where we live, they will get both quality coaching and cheaper expenses

- Make your work your passion

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