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All-star cheerleading is a unique sport in that it offers a wide variety of levels at which athletes can compete.  Most age groups offer 2 or more levels, allowing beginner through elite athletes the opportunity to be challenged.

Depending on the size of each gym, there may be more or less levels available at each age group.  No single gym in the world offers every age division and level.  You should always strive to ensure our athletes are being challenged.  In some cases we will move an athlete up an age division in order to keep them with similarly skilled athletes.

Cheerleading levels are divided up based on two general criteria: tumbling skills and stunting skills.  Tumbling: (rolls, cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, etc).  Stunting is when one or more athletes lift another athlete off the performing surface.  As levels increase so does the pace and complexity of a routine.


One important note about levels is that the level is the same, regardless of the age group.  For example, tiny level 1 and senior level 1 are the same level.  While the pace and complexity of a level 1 senior team (ages 15-18) may be higher than that of a tiny team (ages 5-6), they have the same rules and scoring criteria.


Each level builds on the previous.  (Level 2 includes all level 1 skills plus additional, more difficult skills, and so on for each level.)  Every level has a list of level appropriate skills as well as elite skills.  The events we attend use the Varsity scoring system an rubrics which can be found on the Varsity All-Star Website.


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